angellyjazmin's Fallout 76 Review Xbox One

I started to play video games on my xbox a couple months ago and this is the first game i've tried, and it was hard at the beginning but now i'm obsessed with it, you get to play with real people in an open world and fight really strong creatures, you also get to level up as you go.
The lighting is just awesome, crisp graphics, the sounds effects are so realistic you even feel like you are in that world. There are quests you can complete and you get juicy rewards like medicine, armor even guns and bullets which is awesome, you can find useful stuff as you discover places, you learn recipes and cook your meals to heal, you learn plans to craft stuff such as armor, guns, and many more types of weapons.
I tried different multiplayer games now and by far, this is my favorite one, you should definitely give it a try.


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blustrkr5 months ago
I always enjoy playing this one! It gets a lot of negativity but I think it's all exaggerated...this is a pretty great game!
developerBethesda Game Studios
publisherBethesda Softworks
release date NANovember 14th, 2018
user score8.5/10