KGfess's Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Review PlayStation 4

When you think of stealth, killing, and intriguing weapons--one of the first franchises that comes to mind is Assassin's Creed. From Ezio in the original, to Edward in Black Flag, and now Alexios in Odyssey, the assassin theme remains while changing the environment entirely. I haven't played Unity or Brotherhood (probably missing a game or two here...), but I've overall had a very positive experience with these games...Nobody has really made a Greek-themed assassin game before, so would this be a project that Ubisoft can proudly put on their gaming resume? We shall delve into that below:

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is very standard Assassin's Creed style with a few additions which i found enjoyable. You can customize different loadouts with different weapons to vary your combat experience. You can be stealthy if you want, or you can wreck everything in your path. Choose whatever suits your liking. They also carried over ship combat elements from AC: Black Flag which I very much enjoyed.

Leveling / RPG Elements: 9/10
This is where the game really shined in my opinion. Assassin's Creed always had cool ways of finding new armor or weapons, but this game really brought it to the next level. They really added a plethora of RPG elements such as general character leveling, weapon/armor/item leveling, and loading skill points into different abilities/modifiers. This was definitely a welcome addition compared to the previous AC games. Along with upgrading your abilities/armor/weapons, you were able to upgrade your ship as well.

Story / Environment: 9/10
The environment in this game is what gives it the title: Odyssey. It takes place in Greece during Spartan and Athenian conflicts, and its a bold and fresh take on a new level setting. The story has multiple elements/chapters that you can play along to as well as a main questline. Simply put, the story is great, and I really enjoyed the bonus 'Cult' that they require you to fully eliminate throughout your journey.

Soundtrack: 8/10
I very much enjoyed the intro menu song as well as a couple other tracks they threw into the game. They do have a Spotify playlist for those interested in checking it out.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are beautiful throughout and especially at synchronization points. I was very impressed with how much thought they put into individual quest dialogues as well as possibilities for selecting certain scenarios here.

Multiplayer: NA (I didn't experiment with the online story system at all during my playthrough)

Overall, its a solid game. If you enjoy AC games, then this will both quench and over-satisfy your assassin thirst.


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blustrkr1 month ago
I agree, this game was great! I also appreciated the RPG elements, deeper gear customization, and the graphics!
seriesAssassin's Creed
developerUbisoft Quebec
composerThe Flight
release date NAOctober 5th, 2018
user score9/10