KGfess's BioShock Review PlayStation 4

"A man chooses. A slave obeys." These iconic words have been ingrained in my mind ever since my first journey through the beautiful and horrific city of Rapture. Rapture is an underwater city found and built by Andrew Ryan in an era where ADAM is used as genetic upgrade material. This game is hands down one of my favorite games of all time (along with Bloodborne...I guess I tend to enjoy horrific "B" games...). I can't recommend this game enough. If you enjoy:
1. First Person Shooters
2. Horror elements and scary gameplay
3. Upgrading oneself
4. Discovering new weapons and powers
...then you are in for a ROYAL treat.

(I'm only going to be talking about the iconic first Bioshock ((the PS4 Collection edition because I want to separately review each game..))in this review; however, I most likely will review the 2nd and Infinite at some later time point as well. Anyways--let's take a deep dive into Rapture and this review).

The Gameplay: 9/10
Bioshock is a First-Person shooter, where you have both plasmids and weapons. Plasmids are powers which you attain through the use of ADAM and weapons are guns, melee weapons, and other things you may find on your journey. This game definitely rewards those who have a knack for exploring. Every play-through I've done, I feel like I find something new.

The Environment / Level Setting: 11/10
This game has to have one of the greatest environments ever created. The underwater city of Rapture is horrific, chilling, and also action packed. The enemies, and especially Splicers, will really send a chill down your spine. I also enjoy the retro/cartoony feel they offer in some of the plasmid descriptions. Overall--its truly a one of a kind atmosphere.

The Story: 10/10
I remember my first playthrough of this and THAT moment. Everyone who has played this game knows what I am talking about, but I would rather die than provide a spoiler to one of my all time favorite gaming moments. Would you kindly experience this on your own? I guarantee you will be blown away and crave even more.

The Soundtrack/ Sounds: 8/10
Not as prominent as other games soundtrack wise, but I do enjoy the original Bioshock score which I do have in my ambient / classical playlist. As for sounds though--fantastic. I mentioned something about Splicers creeping you out earlier...and you won't doubt me once you hear some of the things they mutter. This ties into the atmosphere which I already talked about. Absolutely solid.

The Multiplayer: 7/10
I have probably spent a grand total of 5 mins on the multiplayer, so I'm not going to let this impact the overall score. If you play Bioshock, you play it for the single player experience (so don't even mind too much to this category...).

The Difficulty: 10/10
The game has separate levels of difficulty. In The Collection (which I am reviewing here), they added a Survivor mode which is even harder. If you beat this game on Survivor, you can call yourself a true champion of Rapture.

If this review has intrigued you at all, I really don't have enough good to say about this game. Would you kindly do yourself a favor and play this game?


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blustrkr3 months ago
Very much so agree to the need for exploration in this game. Without it, you'll be missing out on a lot of much-needed upgrades! The story and environment were very well crafted, which is probably one of the hardest parts about creating new IP.

Nice review KGfess, can't wait to see a lot more!
developer2K Boston
2K Australia

publisher2K Games
composerGarry Schyman
release date NAAugust 20th, 2007
EUAugust 23rd, 2007
user score10/10