blustrkr's Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Review Xbox 360

This little arcade game was originally included in Project Gotham Racing as an easter egg if you went around exploring in your garage. Eventually it became such a popular easter egg that it was made into a standalone downloadable title. Enter: Geometry Wars.

It's quite simple in its premise: Asteroids on steroids. It can get very intense and very unforgiving as you start to progress to higher scores. There are several different modes, each adorned with its own beautiful colors and visuals.

There are many different types of enemies, but perhaps my favorite obstacle/enemy would have to be the black holes/gravity wells. They will suck you and enemies alike into their control where you will be inevitably crushed, so you must be careful not to come near them. When you shoot them enough, they release tons of multiplier crystals which are definitely in your best interest to collect. They will help you achieve higher scores much faster.

This game is a little frustrating when you have to start over every time you die, but such is life with arcade games. Once you start to get the hang of it and make it further into the game it can get quite addictive and exciting. Would definitely recommend it and any of its sequels to those looking for a simple yet challenging, visually pleasing arcade game.


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seriesGeometry Wars
developerBizarre Creations
publisherMicrosoft Game Studios
composerChris Chudley
release date NANovember 17th, 2003
user score9/10