Mobile is out!

It's officially out and released for all to enjoy! If you're like many others and mostly browse the internet on your phone, this Mobile-friendly web version of byte1ife will be much more pleasant for you to use! Check out the rest of this announcement to see more details.

As usual there is still much to be done, but I'm happy to say that after a ton of work in not a lot of time byte1ife Mobile launches with the following features ready to go:

- Login / Registration
- Account Control Panel (including Messages, Edit Profile, Settings)
- Game Collections
- Game Index (including Reviews, In-game screenshots, comments, game information, and adding to/removing from your Collection)
- Forum Index

As you can see, most of it's all there. Over the next month I plan to continue polishing and achieving better parity with the Desktop version.

It's an easy URL to remember, just go to in your browser. You can also find it from the large link on the right side of the homepage.

Some things that will be coming to Mobile very soon:
- Site-wide notifications
- Better Karma implementation (all activity still generates Karma on Mobile...I'd like to enhance the system in general)
- Game Events (including everything that's on the current version of Desktop)
- Changing your avatar
- Enhanced search throughout whole site
- Better/more Profile features
- Managing Linked Profiles
- Many other positive changes that will be reviewed in detail later

These features are of course important but weren't deemed critical for me to launch the Mobile version. I originally planned for Mobile to be a super lightweight version of Desktop (it still is lightweight) that just did a few critical things. At this point it's already almost as good, if not better in some aspects. I plan to continue updating Mobile for a long time to come as I find it's very satisfying to use and it'll help me get away from the monitor once in awhile!

You can definitely expect to see a rapid pace of updates over the next few weeks as I finish the remaining details.

As always, thanks to all of you who have continued to check in! I hope this will help some of you get online once in awhile. Please feel free to drop any and all feedback in the Forums whenever you get a chance, or leave a comment down below!