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New wave
Hello everyone! Officially investing some funds and time into this website again. We're gonna try to make some stuff happen!

For now, please visit this thread to submit any feedback, feature requests, or bugs you find.

Please keep in mind that I will personally find a way to thank those that contribute a lot to this website. I'd love to get something serious going, and I will absolutely need your help!

I'm thinking some game giveaways and contests (with free games as prizes) should do the trick.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Update 6/13/17

- I have improved text legibility across the website by changing fonts, making text bigger, and making it brighter. Still making some tweaks to improve a few other areas, but nice progress has been made.
- I have also begun work on improving messaging. To me it seems that the most important things that should be completed first are the account control panel and community discussion aspects of the website, hence why I am beginning with improving messaging. I think it will be a nice upgrade to the site.

Please keep the feedback coming!
Whelp, in order to increase focus and make this easier to get running I'm just going to focus on getting the forums and account control panels good to go for now. Obviously other features will be coming but this is all I can muster with such a busy work schedule. This way we can at least start to kindle a forum community. My focus after launching the forums will be to gather feedback and improve them until they are nearly perfect.

After that, I plan to get arguably the most important aspect of this site - the game index - up and running. That will be the start of the real show. Stay tuned!
Getting this back up and running
For the very few of you who may be reading this, I have a focused list of things I want to do to get this up and running somewhat quickly in a basic fashion. I want to at least open the floodgates and get some people participating in the forums.

Once a dozen or so active members is reached, I will begin adding some of the original features (which are already almost complete, but need more time) to really get the site going. The most notable of said features are definitely the game index and events system, which will help get gamers matched for quick online sessions.

Hope you guys can help me make this a big thing! I will make sure you get recognized.
More changes
It's that time again. I've updated the about page with a more recent changelog. Altogether it's quite a laundry list of additions, changes, and fixes. Check it out if you're into that kind of stuff (I know I am). There are still things to be done before the site is ready for a public launch, but damn we're getting close. Mostly just some upgrades to the game index and control panel areas, then some much needed site-wide polish, and this baby is ready to go. Don't want to say an estimated target date just yet since it's a little hard to say, but I will say I definitely want the public to see this site for most of the summer. It seems very feasible.
Recent changes and a brief glimpse into the future
I figured it was about time for a new post since quite a few changes have added up over the past couple of weeks. While most of them have been minor, they all of course play a role. I have implemented a changelog (as requested by Mitchinator1) so you can easily see the progress that is being made.

Along with these changes, I am happy to see that content is being generated at a slow - but steady - pace. The game index is being filled up with most of the classics and popular games, and the forums are getting some use. This is great for when the site finally graduates from its beta status. It wouldn't be very appealing for new visitors to stumble upon this site, only to realize it's completely devoid of any substance. Speaking of beta..

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