It Is Time For Feedback

September 1st, 2020 6:51 PM CDT

blustrkr Creator
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Location: Wasatch Valley, Earth, Sol
It's that time again. It's been awhile since I've asked all of you what you think needs to be worked on. So, that is my question:

What would you like to see next on byte1ife?

An Android/iOS app? More themes? The mysterious byte1ife Store? More unlocks for each Rank Up? More lobbies for the Shoutbox? Polls? More original content? Video content?

So far in the past year we've seen a mobile-friendly version of byte1ife, a new theme, a new messaging system, improvements to the entire game index (literally almost every facet of it), ability to link various gaming profiles, forum improvements, many quality improvements/lots of polish, and a whole lot of other details I'm forgetting to mention.

Please, I'm very eager to hear what everyone thinks about this. I'm always working on random things/polishing stuff on here, but I'd love to know what the users of byte1ife want more focus on!
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