blustrkr's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review Xbox 360

This game definitely ranks amongst the finest of RPGs out there. It had its fair share of bugs at launch but most of them were patched out. There was certainly nothing that hampered my experience!

As far as Elder Scrolls games go, this is the most popular entry in the series. It is a very well done blend of fantasy and RPG aspects and takes into account all that was learned in the previous games. This will have all of the hallmarks of a fantasy RPG that you'd expect: tons of quests and side quests, dialogue, lore, weapon & armor smithing, magic, horses, the whole lot!

There are several different questlines that the player can pursue, such as the Mage's Guild, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and so on. They all take several hours each to complete which adds quite a lot of value to the game in and of itself.

I found myself drawn to the story and lore. As I said earlier, it seems like the perfect blend/world to me for this genre. I was interested in learning about the legend of the Dragonborn.

Many will tell you of the game engine's shortcomings, but it never bothered me. The graphics are much better than Oblivion, which has better graphics than Morrowind, etc. If you really are put off by this, consider picking up the Special Edition - it's been beautifully remastered and takes advantage of modern platforms' power.

If you're looking for a solid single player RPG then this is usually one of the first ones I recommend to just about anyone thanks to its accessibility. The only thing I wish is that they continued to build onto this world via expansions. They released a couple that were great but unfortunately stopped, probably to free up manpower for the next projects. I also wish there was a multiplayer component that allowed for cooperative play, but I suppose there is Elder Scrolls Online for that. These cons for me ultimately don't change my score though: this is a great game, period!


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angellyjazmin5 months ago
Skyrim is one of the pretty cool games out there, the graphics are awesome and the sound effects are so clean and so alive, you will get to do so many quests, choose weapons, enjoy awesome graphics and all that cool stuff. I would totally recommend this game.
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seriesThe Elder Scrolls
developerBethesda Game Studios
publisherBethesda Softworks
composerJeremy Soule
release date NANovember 10th, 2011
JPDecember 7th, 2011
user score9.5/10