Latdogg's MLB The Show 20 Review PlayStation 4

As the only realistic MLB game available on the market, SDS continues to put out a solid product. The bread and butter of this game, in my opinion, continues to be the Diamond Dynasty mode. It is comparable to the Ultimate Team modes in the EA Sports titles.

If you want to play but are only interested in single player modes, this game is packed. The March to October mode let's you choose whatever team you want and play key moments throughout the season to try and win a World Series. They also have the beloved Road to the Show mode where you create your own player and work your way from AA all the way up to the big leagues! Those are only a few modes for single player, they have more as well!

Online is as you would expect. You can play head to head using MLB teams or you can go into Diamond Dynasty and build your own team by earning cards. These cards range from legends like Micky Mantle and current players that play today. Plenty of challenges and ways to earn new and better cards if this is your interest.

Graphically the game is amazing, year in and year out SDS makes a lovely game.

The gameplay is overall smooth, however, they seem to still be working out some bugs with fielding in this years game. I have faith that this will get corrected in the near future. Overall, whether you love baseball or are a casual fan, this is a great sports game!


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