blustrkr's ISLANDERS Review PC

Love the minimalist style, but this game does get somewhat old rather quickly. I only made it to the third level so maybe I'm missing out on some stuff that only comes later in the game, and I will happily amend this review if so. I managed to pick the game up on sale from Steam for $2 so it wasn't a huge risk.

Basically you fill up islands with various types of housing, farming, industry, etc units until the island is full (in which case it's game over) or until you pass a certain score threshold and can move onto the next island. There aren't that many different types of units, but there are enough to give the game some sense of diversity.

Love the art style!

If you're into casual and simple games for just killing time and like building games, this one might be perfect for you. Its minimal style makes it very easy to pick up and learn quickly.


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release date NAApril 4th, 2019
user score6/10