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As a huge fan of Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2, and Battlefield 3 (and Battlefield 2142) this was a perfect evolution for me. It was the first Battlefield on the new gen of consoles at the time, Xbox One and PS4. And as usual, DICE came through with a PC version. This extra horsepower of the new gen resulted in something that was very similar to its predecessors, but with a fresh coat of paint. It remained in the theater of modern combat but added quite a bit more of everything.

Not bad, right?

For the record, most of my time originally spent playing this game was on the Xbox One, but I have also somewhat recently acquired it on PC and spent some time there re-unlocking everything. It is kind of a bummer that no sort of Cross Save feature has been enabled for these sorts of is one thing that I really appreciate of Destiny 2, as I also play that on XB1 & PC. I understand this is an older game in the Battlefield series, but they already have the main menus of BF4, BF1, BFV, and BFHardline all linked up seamlessly, why can't we continue that kind of thinking and get some proper cross-platform compatibility linked up? DICE certainly have the resources to do so. Anyway, small detail there. Nothing major.

Volumetric water is always nice!

Personally, I think the game has aged well and is still very enjoyable for me. This is coming from someone who still hops on Halo: CE on PC once in awhile, along with BF3 on X360. The graphics are cool looking on Xbox One, but on PC you have the freedom to boost the graphics quite a bit more and it still looks great. I have heard others say it has not aged well. I suppose it is up to you, but regardless for me the gameplay is fun and that's what matters.

Many a team deathmatch have been played here...

Speaking of gameplay, there's a lot of ways to do it. This is a first person shooter after all, and there are quite a few guns (~80)! Instead of simply unlocking everything by leveling up in multiplayer though, DICE makes you complete specific Assignments (many were added via DLC) with certain tasks before you can access certain weaponry. This same principle extends to maps (~30 maps including DLC) and vehicles (dozens, not sure of exact count). Combine this with a classic huge Battlefield map on, say, Conquest, and you've got quite a plethora of experiences! The base game is enough to keep someone satisfied for a bit, but I would honestly recommend just getting all of the DLC as well (if you don't own it yet and want to, just get Battlefield 4 Premium and it will include all DLC as one package) because it really adds a lot more variety to the table.

The room closest to us in this photo is known as the Danger Zone

There is of course a single player campaign as well that will keep you busy for 10-20 hours depending on how experienced you are and what difficulty you choose. I feel like the graphics and soundtrack get to shine more in this experience, and of course you can kind of do your own thing and go at your own pace.

If you don't own this game yet and love shooters (and have an itch for modern combat), I would definitely recommend this game for purchase. As I mentioned, spring for the Premium edition and get all of the DLC included. I have spent many fun hours playing this!


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publisherElectronic Arts
composerJohan Skugge
Jukka Rintamäki
release date NAOctober 29th, 2013
user score8.5/10