Latdogg's Star Wars Battlefront II Review Xbox One

I bought this game the day it was released. I had very high hopes since the first one was rather.....underwhelming. BF2 added a single player campaign and a revamped multiplayer experience. Had I written this review when it was first released I would have given it a 4/10. The campaign was fun although it was a little short. The loot crate system was horrible and upgrading your classes was a total pain in the ass. Through all of the complaints, EA and DICE did the impossible; they revamped the entire game!

They got rid of loot crates and now you earn Skill Points based on how often/how well you do with a character or class. With these you can upgrade or unlock cards that will make your class or character stronger. This to me is a perfect system that doesn't make you blow money on crates in the hopes of finally getting an upgraded card.

The multiplayer is very fun with a plethora of modes that will satisfy whatever game style you are looking for. My favorites are Capital Supremacy and the Starfighter maps.

All in all they did an amazing job listening to the fans and still continue to pump out content. Graphically this game is stunning and I am happy that it has a new life now.


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blustrkr8 months ago
Couldn't agree more. I got burnt out rather quickly when the game first launched but they have released tons of free updates and new content! Definitely worth a look now, especially if you're a fan of FPS games and/or Star Wars!
seriesStar Wars Battlefront
publisherElectronic Arts
composerGordy Haab
release date NANovember 16th, 2017
user score8.5/10