blustrkr's Mass Effect: Andromeda Review Xbox One

As a huge fan of the original Mass Effect trilogy, I was stoked when this was announced! More Mass Effect is, to me, more Mass Effect!

Many complained about the facial animations, dialogue, script, story, etc...I couldn't help but feel like all of these people were just complaining about stupid stuff. The gameplay itself was solid and BioWare really tried to improve the mechanics for Andromeda (for example: Biotic Combos!). To be honest, it really pissed me off that all of the negative gamers out there ruined it for those that enjoyed this game like myself. Because of them, EA canceled all plans for DLC (like explaining what happened to the Quarian Ark!) and all development, updates, etc. I really wish I could have bought some DLC and continued to play it because I love this game!

This game added some pretty cool team-based multiplayer action which I liked, as Mass Effect is of course historically a single player franchise. It certainly added a lot of replay value and kept the game fresh.

Many staples of the Mass Effect series are present in Andromeda:
- Your dialogue choices will impact your gameplay and what happens to certain characters.
- You can travel to multiple different solar systems within the Andromeda galaxy.
- You can customize your equipment and character.
- You can romance other characters if you develop your relationship with them.
- Biotics are fun to use.
- More things that I'm forgetting to mention here.

Keep in mind I'm writing this review in 2019 and this game came out two years ago. But look at how well it's aged!

Overall, I would really recommend this game to any fans of the Mass Effect games, or just sci-fi fans in general. Don't listen to all of the negativity out there; this is a great, beautiful, fun game!


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seriesMass Effect
developerBioWare Montreal
publisherElectronic Arts
composerJohn Paesano
release date NAMarch 20th, 2017
EUMarch 22nd, 2017
user score9/10