Latdogg's Detroit: Become Human Review PlayStation 4

I had no idea what I was getting into as I never played the other two games that Quantic Dream had put out (Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls). From the very first scene I was hooked on this game.

The graphics are stunning, probably the best of any single player game that I have played. The character arcs are great as well as you really develop feelings for these people. This game is also decision driven and there are MULTIPLE ways that the story can go. Also, characters can live or they can die depending on what you do.

Overall there is not much to say about this game other than you need to play it. This is a damn near perfect game.


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developerQuantic Dream
publisherSony Interactive Entertainment
composerPhilip Sheppard
Nima Fakhrara
John Paesano
release date NAMay 24th, 2018
user score9/10