A few notes regarding the site.

About byte1ife

"byte1ife aims to get gamers gaming together, talking about video games together, watching video games together, and so on. You get the idea."


  • byte1ife works as intended on the latest versions of any WebKit browser.
  • Users with high resolutions (anything above 1366 x 768) will most likely notice a lot of empty space. The layout will be converted from fixed-width to fluid-width over time to correct this, but for now time is focused on function.
  • For many of the site's features to be functional, you must have javascript enabled in your browser.



- Added timezone support for all locales
- Newest game reviews are now displayed on the main game index page
- Cosmetic changes, also improved quality of some site graphics
- Minor changes to game index searching
- Your unique referral link will now show up on the Karma help page.
- Updated email design
- Resized forum post design for better proportions
- Added option to quickly message other users in shoutbox
- User reviews on a game now result in an average score being shown on the game's main page
- Bug fixes and improvements regarding logging in/out and registering, as well as statistics


- Completed "Forgot Password" feature. Users can now change their passwords if access to the account is lost.
- Improved legibility of text across website. Still a work in progress.



  • Extra security measures.


  • Account registration and login now work again.


  • Refreshed some design elements.



  • Game collection link to user bar.
  • "Last seen online" date to profiles.
  • Usernames are now suggested when composing a private message.
  • Users can upload their own avatars.
  • Support for custom user titles.
  • Breakdown of karma points/details in control panel.
  • A few javascript bells and whistles.
  • If a user is online, it says so on their profile.
  • Forum topics and replies can now be edited.
  • BBCode formatting guide.
  • Basic website help section.
  • Users can now submit and view game reviews.
  • Ability to set North American, European, and Japanese release dates.
  • Game release dates can now be set as "TBA".
  • Games soon to be released are now displayed on the game index home page.
  • "How can I contribute?" section to game index.
  • Forum categories can be viewed.
  • Forum topics are now automatically paginated.
  • Basic activity feed.
  • Ability to view all of a user's forum topics and replies.
  • New forum post indicators now also show up next to topics.
  • Ability to link XBL gamertags and PSN IDs.


  • Old cover art is now deleted when new cover art is uploaded.
  • Activity feed items are trimmed to prevent word wrapping.
  • "The" and "A" are ignored when indexing game titles.
  • Karma from previous ranks doesn't appear in rank progress bar.
  • Users now correctly gain karma from forum posts.


  • Navigation bar links are now stylized and easier to read.
  • New private messages now highlight the PM link in the subnav.
  • Redirection times (mainly in forums) have been drastically shortened.
  • Lowered amount of karma gained from adding games to index.
  • Brightened text across the site for increased readability.
  • Clicking "Reply" in forum topic now also highlights text box.
  • Began cleaning user profile sidebars.

0.4 (4/4/12)


  • You can now filter results by platform when browsing the game index.
  • Forums received minor facelift.
  • Results in the game index are now paginated.
  • Games can now be removed from the index, and are permanently deleted after 14 days.
  • Karma incrementation can be controlled in each forum.
  • Forum topics can be pinned or locked.
  • Users can now see all other users who have added a certain game to their collection.
  • You can now unselect browsing criteria in the game index.
  • Rank appears in user bar.
  • Ability to edit game type (Standalone, DLC, Expansion, Mod).
  • A game's music composer can now be added to the information.


  • Fixed "edit platforms" bug on game edit page.
  • Fixed forum link appearance.
  • Fixed reply to PM form.
  • Fixed relative date function (2 seconds ago, 1 week ago, etc).


  • Game information and game page navigation has been improved.
  • Expanding sidebar menus is now smoother.
  • Autosearch differentiates between different game types.




Currently running byte1ife v0.8