byte1ife has a Home

Like many other people here and in the Real World, there has been a lot going on in my personal life lately (good things, thankfully!), so I apologize for the lack of updates recently! However, these developments bring with them some exciting possibilities for byte1ife! Read on to learn more about what's in store for byte1ife...

Life has been a little crazy the past few weeks! But it is good to know that I will no longer be working on byte1ife on my laptop in a tiny corner of an apartment. I have completed my move into my very own humble abode, which means that I now have an entire room dedicated to computer/gaming stuff (the office, of course!). It will help my productivity immensely because I can now use such exclusive luxuries as a desk, office chair, detached keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

Despite the slowdown of momentum in regards to byte1ife updates, the bones of many new features are complete thanks to much labor over the past few months (years, even). It is just a matter of more time and polish. Just like many here, I'm not happy with the constant shifting of momentum and would like to rapidly accelerate the pace. After I complete cleaning up and organizing the new place, I will be focusing quite a bit on this website. I have many plans (as always) that I am eager to enact. I'm sure you're eager to see some more details though, so I am happy to oblige:

- Finish and polish Mobile v1.0
- Finish live functionality of Messages
- Improve/add Event functionality (lots of live activity already, looking to add more)
- Pull data from service(s) API via Linked Profiles
- Allow discrete push notifications on Mobile, especially for Events
- Machine learning stuff that's too early to talk about
- Major & minor cosmetic updates
- (Extremely) Limited Merch for a select few people
- Contests/Tournaments/Leagues/Giveaways
- Many things I'm failing to mention here because reasons

You should be seeing most of this come to fruition before the end of 2019. I want to be completely ready to go (a true, feature complete 1.0) by the First of January, 2020. It's going to be a very prioritized personal goal to actually make this happen.


Do you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, compliments, or just feedback in general? Please, feel free to reach out to me in the Forums or by private messaging me. It is always helpful and nice to have some outside opinions! Otherwise, I often find myself getting stuck in self-imposed feedback loops that end up hampering my productivity.

Thanks for continuing to check in, to the few of you that do! Mark my words: We will get this place running for real, on a serious level.