Some development updates

We are well on our way along the roadmap laid out in the last news post that detailed all the new stuff coming to byte1ife this year. If you're interested in seeing what's almost done and what's still some time away, continue reading!

Over the past few weeks, most of my time has been focused on getting Mobile ready. It's pretty much common knowledge at this point that the vast majority of web users are browsing on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. As such, I am hoping that Mobile will help these web users view the website much more easily. There are some of you that have been asking for this for quite some time as well. I, personally, am very excited to browse byte1ife wherever I may be (like when I'm having a lazy morning in bed!).

I'm delighted with the progress on Mobile so far and have been extensively testing it on various Android and iOS devices. It seems to be functioning very well! I have, admittedly, had a few "wow" moments throughout development. It's pretty satisfying to see the site fit your display regardless of size. I also just didn't anticipate how satisfying it would be to use in the palm of your hand. In my opinion, it beats some native apps on Play Store and iOS. Not bad for the first try!

I would like to mention that the official release date for Mobile will be October 1st, 2019.

There's still some bolts that need to be tightened but I've just about gotten all of the critical features done. There are a few of you out there that are already helping me with testing and I much appreciate that! I will be looking forward to even more feedback once the floodgates are opened.

It will launch with about 80% of the features present on Desktop, and I aim to close that gap to at least 95% by November 1st, 2019.

What about Desktop?

I certainly haven't forgotten about Desktop! It's everything we've had so far so it would be unwise to do so. Some of you have already noticed some of these things, but let me refresh your memory:

- Traits are finally a usable can browse via Trait in the Game Index now
- Minor cosmetic updates throughout the site
- You've always been able to say "I own this" regarding games, but now you can say "I preordered this" as well
- Squashed a few minor bugs
- Other very minor details that collectively make the experience a bit better

As always, feedback is much appreciated! Please feel free to stop by the forums and have a chat!