In Privacy We Trust
In this day and age, we at byte1ife more than understand why many have concerns regarding their online privacy. We try our best to take several steps to ensure privacy for all byte1ife users. We hope that your use of this website will be completely headache-free; we are people just like you that also want to enjoy a bastion of internet peace and quiet. Please, take a moment to review our privacy principles below.

Privacy Policy

  • No personal user data is shared with or sold to any third party.
  • byte1ife utilizes an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection to ensure your computer is only communicating with our servers, and our servers are only communicating with your computer. There are no "middlemen."
  • Upon registering for a byte1ife account, you have the option of providing personal information. This information is solely used for display on your byte1ife profile, and is completely optional. If you do not fill any data in, nothing will be displayed on your profile besides a few non-identifying basics, like your username, rough date and time of last activity, rough date of registration, etc.
  • When using the site, our servers automatically log certain information. This information includes your Internet Protocol address, your web request, and the date and time of said request.
  • If you choose to have byte1ife "Remember Me," byte1ife will place a cookie onto your computer to remember your device.
  • byte1ife does not accept payments from users anywhere on the website, and will never ask users for payment.
Do you have privacy concerns regarding byte1ife?
Please don't hesitate to leave us feedback. We try to be as transparent and open as possible.